Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bit Stuck

I'm happy with where I'm at so far, the only problem I have is that if I could go back or redo the wind shield without redoing my entire unwrap I would texture it together rather than symmetry the texture so that it looked less uniform and more realistic. Another issue i have is that the top is abit too boring at the moment. I think this was because i wanted a hardtop front and a lot of my reference is for soft tops. This means that there isn't anything going on there and its a bit bland. I think i might add some hard points or maybe a roof rack but I'm not sure.

Vehicle Progression

For the vehicle project that we have been set i have decided to do a military style landrover defender. This was to coinside with the missle system that i produce at the end of the summer break. I thought that this would be more beneficial to my portfolio as i could create an environment around this so i could have something more impressive to show. Rather than having something totally irrelevant to my goal of becoming an environment artist.
Current Textures
To do/Add
I'm going to add more dirt to the wheels and throw up from the wheels on the doors. Although i'm not sure if this would actually happen as it has mud flaps  I also need to add windscreen wipers and other small details to make it a bit more interesting.

Welcome To My Third Year Blog

FMP Presentation

I will be creating a 18th-19th century warship to a high realistic standard and try to make an interesting portfolio piece that I can add to my portfolio as an environment artist.

The project presentation went well, so my next stage is getting a more firm understanding and reference to what I want to produce. I am planning a trip to the National Maritime Museum London on the 24-25th of November. This is so that i can gather first hand reference of what i might need for this project before Christmas. I will also be using!cbrowse as a key referencing source for this project. I want to try to create an environment around my ship set on the Thames on a misty evening. This will give it a bit of grounding without being too ambitious. I am trying to find reference material from a different source than the internet, by using a system called Aeon from the national maritime museum. Which allows you to book material to look at whilst there, with the museum being the largest in the world hopefully i will find some information and images that I can't find elsewhere.