Sunday, 13 January 2013

FMP 04 Project Outline

My project outline will be as follows. I will be creating a late to early 18th-19th century warship, this time period was consistent with grand ship building and expansion of the British Empire. I will create the scene in a fictional English dockyard and if possible I will have a small playable onshore area. I will try to create an authentic era scene by using reference from that time period. However I may have to take some artistic license in the building the scene as it is difficult having a full picture to work from. I am using this project to have a solid level design in my portfolio and to practice and improve my abilities with a variety of previously used programs and new programs I may wish to experiment with. I will focus on realism whilst keeping the frame rate usable. I want to create consistent levels of detail and make the space feel real and lived in.

About the ship, I want the naming of the ship to be as important as all HMS ship’s, I want it to be something grand and absolute, with this I came up with, eminent, revered or resolute. I've chosen revered as this was a name that hasn't been used by the royal navy and it fitted in with what I wanted the ship to represent.

Revered - Feel deep respect or admiration for (something).

I wanted the ship to belong to a wealthy captain who respected the laws of the sea and who knew how to sail and lead his men. I want certain aspect of the ship to represent this; I want notes of wealth from the captain for himself and the ship and crew. Maybe hinted as him being a buccaneer or pirate at some point but one that respected his crew and now fights for his country. I want intricate details on cannons and props.

I want to make the most of the time I have for this project and as such want to create a full scene that looks and feels finished, depending on how the project progress’s I wish to have 3 stages of completion. The first being all primary assets and level completion. The second stage would be to include additional props, assets, area and animation to make the scene dynamic. Thirdly I wish to include various and multiple extra levels of detail to both the ship and onshore, I want a dynamic environment that makes the level stand out.