Friday, 17 May 2013

FMP 20

I haven't posted anything in weeks but there's quite a lot of work to show for it. As i'm coming to the end of the project now it was mostly adding small props and fixing issues that were already there rather than adding anything in particular. The harbour has been worked on to a degree and is to a level that's acceptable for a background image and playable area for degree show. I've added colour to the ship and tried to make some more focal points and dynamic areas. I've added in some ambient sounds and re worked a lot of the lighting. There's still things that need to be complete such as the figure head and i wanted to make some vegetation to surround the harbour. I think during this time I've hit the limit of what i want to achieve from this project and I've struggled to motivate myself which is why I've created another environment to give myself a break.

Subway Station Progress

I've changed the colour scheme and added in the train. I still need to texture the interior of the train and add some new areas onto the platform. I want to add some more debris and carnage along the platform to make it feel like its just been evacuated quickly.

Friday, 3 May 2013

New Piece

Got bored with the ship environment so i'm working on something modern for the porfolio

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP 19

Interior Captains desk has had some work and the lighting as been remade to be more atmospheric.
 Added a few details to the upper deck and starting work flushing out the harbour front before working on the buildings again.
 Not a whole lot has changed at the back and probably won't at the moment.

Interior lighting has been remade and a few assets changes and additions.