Monday, 15 April 2013

FMP 18

High Res Screens from progress over the last week or so, going to be featured on soon so i thought i'd get some images up before hand. Worked a lot more on the interior space and trying to make it feel more lived in. Going to hopefully have gold chest and stuff in the captains quarters and safe, various props in the room as well. Want to rethink the town a bit, not sure but might have the ship waiting to go into dry dock. Not have so much of a town going on rather than workshops and store houses and make it feel more 18th century industrial.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

FMP 17


I talked to Bart who works at Crytek now, and seeing as i'm looking at applying i asked for some feedback and critique. It really helped me understand what i wanted to achieve and that my level needed to tell more of a story. This being the case I've decided to have it in the midst of repair and i'm looking to make the ship and harbour more interesting and have more character. I haven't had a lot of time to work on the project just a few hours here and there around work. Never the less I've managed to make cannon damage and sails, as well as a few small assets to populate the level. I used an environment probe to darken the interior more however i'm a little concerned about the amount of orange saturation its currently got.

Friday, 5 April 2013

FMP 16

Had a little break over Easter to refresh and to see the family but straight back to it today. Since my last update i've worked on creating tilling textures and implementing them into a quickly put together harbour town. I am on adding details to break up the repetitiveness and make it a little more interesting. It's acting as a nice backdrop at the moment but i would like it to be a scene in its own right.
I've worked on the lighting and adding some more focal details to various areas of the ship. Such as the metal hoop ties on the rear and the flags to the environment to add some movement and colour.

I'm pretty happy with the level of detail for some parts of the ship i just need to focus on adding little touches to parts of the ship to make it seem more grand and interesting. These could include guilding details on the back and little cherubs to denote wealth. I also need to create the front figure head and to create the ships wheel which i want to be interesting and detailed.
 The interior has changed as i have added objects and trying to focus more on creating a pleasing environment for the eye and to create focal points and details.