Sunday, 18 November 2012

Welcome To My Third Year Blog

FMP Presentation

I will be creating a 18th-19th century warship to a high realistic standard and try to make an interesting portfolio piece that I can add to my portfolio as an environment artist.

The project presentation went well, so my next stage is getting a more firm understanding and reference to what I want to produce. I am planning a trip to the National Maritime Museum London on the 24-25th of November. This is so that i can gather first hand reference of what i might need for this project before Christmas. I will also be using!cbrowse as a key referencing source for this project. I want to try to create an environment around my ship set on the Thames on a misty evening. This will give it a bit of grounding without being too ambitious. I am trying to find reference material from a different source than the internet, by using a system called Aeon from the national maritime museum. Which allows you to book material to look at whilst there, with the museum being the largest in the world hopefully i will find some information and images that I can't find elsewhere.

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