Thursday, 20 November 2014

Selene '1'

Started work on a new sci-fi scene for a bit of fun and practice with UE4.

I am creating a deep space mining ship 'Selene' and firstly i am making the living quarters hallway. This area will contain a briefing table and around this will contain crew lockers, their space suits and ways of assembling their suits in the area. Taking influence from Alien but want to bring in elements of aircraft and ship design.

I want the ship to feel functional and sci-fi with intelligent design choices embedded into the structure of the ship. I want to add in personal details of the crew as they would likely be together and away from their families for long stretches of time. The ship is a commercial venture, so i would like elements that tie this into the design as well.

The ship is currently mining a deep space asteroid looking at exploiting rare earth metals. 'Selene' has 3 key areas, living quarters, refining level, extraction level.

By working up from one key area that's relatively small hopefully i won't over extend and will finish a project at least to some degree.

So far i have created a first pass block out for the whole corridor and i have created a few assets around the briefing table.

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