Sunday, 23 November 2014

Selene '2'

Got some base textures in for the surroundings of the doors and the pillars. Updated the briefing table with some UI, got rid of the dots surrounding the middle asteroid display and will hopefully put in some UI over the top of it. Need to figure a way of tying it all together, suggestions would be appreciated.

Going to add a comm's panel to the wall surrounding segment and somewhere in the area a clocking in machine. Want things to feel tactile, rather than touchpad esc. UI for the briefing table is a little more high tech but would still have tactile feedback when you interacted with it.

Thinking of ideas for the top display/noticeboard area, not sure the idea is working in my head at the moment even as placeholder. Might concept up some ideas for this.

At the moment corridor feels very sterile and could use some colour variation, not reading very well as the crew quarters area. I'll finish up the first pass texturing on the wall modules and see how it go's.

I think ill be doing another concepting stage for ideas for the lockers and wall segments as ill be pretty busy work wise the early part of this week.

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