Tuesday, 5 February 2013

FMP 05 Design Brief

Design Brief
Final Major Project – 18th-19th Century Ship & Harbour

Initial Brief:
“To create a realistic ship and harbour area, using authentic reference to produce a fictional location. Using Cry Engine 3, assemble and light the level to create atmosphere and to best show the assets created. Consider composition of areas to create key focal points to show in a portfolio.”

Style                        -Visual realism at the turn of the century 18th-19th
Audience                  -Teen to adult core gamers
Target Platform        -Modern PC/Cryengine sandbox 3
Timeframe                -4 Months (approx.)

To demonstrate the following set of skills for use in an environment artist’s portfolio:
Art                          -Modular Assets Construction
                                      -Scene Composition
                                      -High Poly Modelling & Baking
                                      -Tilling Textures
                                      -Clear Material Definition
Technical                  -Lighting and Post Processing
                                      -Particle Effects (Limited by Cry Capabilities)

Must run at 30 fps at throughout level at all times
Coherent Texture quality aiming for a minimum of 256 pixels per meter of playable space
Reduce repetitiveness of assets by creating variations by decals and texture coordinates
Create a visually stimulating environment

Budgets are defined from an initial asset list created and are based on estimates of triangle and texture usage of assets. By setting a limit the project management and asset priorities can be better controlled.
Triangle                             -An initial budget of 150 thousand triangles for non-instanced assets.
Textures                   -An initial budget of 150mb
Environment (Ship)
Create a complete ship deck and body, paying attention to the path of the player. Interior space must include captains quarters area and any filler space between this area and the ship’s deck. Environment should be populated to an extent of making it feel lived in and immersive to the player.

Environment (Harbour)
Environment must encompass the ship aspect of the level, a semi-circle of onshore area must be produced to a similar detail as that of the ship and should be navigable. A number of buildings and other assets must be created to make it feel like a harbour of the time period.
Programs Used:
The following programs should be used in this project:
Any other programs that may be used will be credited in the design document as the project continues. 

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