Sunday, 17 February 2013

FMP 07 Progress

This week i went home, so i didn't get a whole lot done, but below are some screenshots of the progress i made on my assets. I got a whole lot of barrels done and all of these are off of one texture. I'm going to have the remaining space as a alpha texture so that i can put writing on some of my barrels to break up the repetitiveness. The metal texture uses a tiling texture that also currently does my cannon ball and cannon base texture.
Currently i rendered out the texture at 2048 so as to give me more room to work with as the project progresses.  
Below are the same meshes but using a reduce 512 texture and there isn't a huge difference between the textures and considering how large the mesh will be in game i think this texture would be the best to use for the final models.
My plan for this week is to produce some tilling textures for the harbor town so i can begin to assemble a town area.

My tiling roof tiles
My tiling brick tiles

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