Sunday, 24 February 2013

FMP 08 Progress

I started this week by using the default cry engine material to help me work out how i wanted my lighting to behave early on. this allowed me to get a good understanding of form and how the object in my scene looked, without the interference of textures.
I also began to import untexture assets into the scene, to flesh out the ship and work out the sizes of spaces and wether there needed to be any adjustments to shapes and sizes at this early stage. I needed to raise the height of the railings so that they fit in better with the size of some of my assets.
It wasn't intill i put in the rigging of the ship that i really got a sense of scale or reached the point that i was completely satisfied with the direction of the project. it gave the eye lines to fall back on in the upper areas and made the project feel and look like a ship. I decided against using rope volumes as they were a little buggy and it wasn't my intention to break them at this point in the project.
This fleshing out stage gave a more dynamic and interesting appearance and silhouette to my ship, making the ship feel more busy and crowded. I think what will set this project apart from other games and levels with ships will be having interesting areas that are busy, crowded and seem more real.
The next stage was to get a lighting set up that worked well with my intentions. The visit from Ben at crytek really helped me decide on what i wanted to do for this. The golden sun that i picked gives a warm and majestic feeling. This would give the player a sense of the ship being a beacon of hope against what is probably going to be a beaten town harbour town.
THE CANNONS. Oh my the cannons were put in this week and this project started to progress noticeably.  I realised that there were a lot of cannons and this might make it hard for me to make this ship feel like it has that many people aboard. I reckon there would be a crew of about 38 and i need space for these people to sleep and work.
The harbour blockout was a way of getting an idea of the shape of what i wanted to produce. I wanted to have a small market area and a few houses in the playable area.
More textures, the end of the week brought about putting in of the textures again. I lowered the saturation of the orange wood so it wasn't so unnatural. Other changes included adding a trim around the ship to break up the shapes and focus of the cannon deck. I've added internal support structures and external struts and braces. This added to the silhouette. The cannon holes had to be lowered because my cannons needed to be bigger to feel real and usable as they were so low down to the floor. I feel the golden light works well with this set up and i don't think there will be a lot of changes to this for the foreseeable future.

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