Friday, 8 March 2013


 Presentations this week so i was trying to push the amount i could show for the time i've spent, being around the half way point i would have liked the ship to have been relatively finished. To some degree it is, as i just have to work on some internal areas and a few additional assets. I'm happy with how the ship looks at the moment and i don't think there is a whole lot i want to change drastically.

This week i worked on texturing the last big piece of the ship the balcony back area, trying to make the windows not feel so massive was overcome by adding some blue wooden areas and the supporting orange pillars.

I also started working over the original tiling textures that covered the flat wall areas, these weren't really working and I thought some panelling would better display the area and make it more interesting. I still need to add the doors and some small assets such as lanterns which i think will bring the ship to life a bit more.

 I texture the capstan that had been painfully untextured since the dawn of this project. Trying to make it interesting was a little difficult, so i looked at some of the other assets i had produced for the ship such as the barrels and used these to draw on as reference. I created metal bands to break up the silhouette and i added the rope twist at the bottom. I also added the third of the latin phrases that incorporate the ship.

I toned down the saturation to match the texture fro the rest of the ship and got rid of some noisy and un-tilling details on the texture. still having some issues with the blue wood colour even though i added the exact texture from the tilable wood. I reckon i might go over that texture and play with the specular to see if that changes anything.

I added the glass into the model of the balcony as a multi-sub material. Originally I had the frame and the glass as the same material ID but i couldn't use the glass shader then and the illum shader wouldn't show my alphas properly due to a current cry engine issue. So i took the planes back into Max and had to model and assign separate ID's for the metal and glass in the same model. It added a lot of tri's but this was the easiest way of getting the cloudy and distorted effect I wanted for the glass.

I added a block out for the harbour town area, I'm aiming on having only a small playable area on the water front yard and using LOD building modules to create a sprawling town behind the main buildings. I'm still debating whether to have a market in the area. I'm having a fort to the rear of the ship to guard the harbour entrance and this area won't be playable.

This was a quick concept that i produced to show what sort of area i wanted to have.

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