Sunday, 17 March 2013


Progress for these week has been strong and the focus has been on adding some smaller rope details, working on critique given from the Polycount community and adding some of the harbour.
I've added the rope tie details this week and that was the focus for the beginning of the week, i created a set of rope ringlets that could be used around the ship and add some little details. These were created separately to the Tying rail so that i could swap out meshes and have more control for the aesthetics. As for the ropes that spurred from these locations i initially tried using rope entities. I hate rope entities. I had a lot of problems with the snapping not working and when i had finished placing a set they would later be found straddling the outer reaches of the level. Not quite sure why this happened and why it only happened to certain areas. This resulted me in having to create some static meshes that could be used for the areas that were not working to my satisfaction. I didn't get as much control as i would have wished because of this but i managed to position it in a way to show it in the best way. I had the problem that i had created to many rope ties and i wasn't entirely sure what they should do. From photos i could find of rigging it seemed some tied on to the ladder rigging and some controlled the tightness of the sails so i incorporated this into the design. I did remove some ropes as they had no purpose currently.

The railings were pulled out from the respective counterparts and used as the rope ties. I also changed the railings at the back of the ship to incorporate some details that locater16  had posted on my polycount thread. I lowered the sides and i'm going to create netting to straddle the posts as the project progresses. This will give the back a better aesthetics and interest that it currently lacks.

I've changed the cannon texture after feedback from polycount to be darker and more specular. It also has a hammered metal normal map that adds subtle detail. I've added metal to the outside of the wheel. The cannon may still require more work but for now i am fairly happy with how it has turned out.

The ship deck is looking a lot busier, this is something that i wanted from the beginning of the project, I've changed the resolution and texture of the mast so it has more pixel density. I added wood detail on the advice of Rich Cary. This has given it more interest and it isn't so uniformly red now which is much more natural and pleasing. I've also added some lanterns to the ship so i could put in some light sources and interest for the ceilings of the ship. I'm not sure if i'm happy with the final shape or texture as for now it is using a slightly modified metal texture. But for now it will remain the same, I may consider making it a different shape. It is using a cruciform to create the ambient glow and an emmisive texture to create the candle effect and the light flame. Because of the limitations of Cry i couldn't create a flickering texture or flip book texture flame as i would have in UDK but apparently i can do something similar but i have yet to research this.

I've darkened the interior space to be slightly more realistic but still light enough to see. I may create a fog volume to add some atmospherics to this. I've also added some rope piles to place around my level to break up the floor.

This week i created the harbour tie set and the wall. This swapped out the blockout mesh and allowed me to put some added decals to break up the detail. I added some high and low platforms and a walkway and stairs to navigate along the harbour. I want to add some diagonal support structure underneath to add visual interest. The harbour wall uses vertex painting to created a mossy recessed wall and a less damaged grout filled wall. I created two new decals to compliment this extension to the project. One is an algea texture to break up the transition and add some colour and another is a seaweed base decal for the lower reaches of the wall to add a black frame and rest zone for the players eyes.

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