Sunday, 10 March 2013


After feedback from Mike and Heather this week, i acted upon changing the shape at the front of my ship to be more authentic. I agree that it looks a lot nicer now and has a much better aesthetic. I had a few issue with the cry engine exporter not working as it wasn't exporting the material ID's with the mesh. I think this must have been the scene just not exporting properly any more as this had happened to a few of the other people using Cry in the third year. I fixed this by moving it to a new scene and re-exporting the mesh. 

I've done a few little changes that have really brought together the scene over the weekend. These included adding the plaque's around the ship and adding some rope geometry to break up the mast along the ship. I've added the door to the interior which I've made red to accompany the accented main mast. This has added more colour to the ship and is starting to make it seem more interesting instead of just wood and rope.

I added the ship bell to the rear section of the ship, this adds a focal point to this section of the ship that was other wise lacking any details. I've added green and gold highlights in the bell to add more colour and vibrance to match the gold plaques.

I've broken up the floor some more with some wooden slates to go over the metal grating. This would have been the method to stop water flooding the ship and it also breaks up the floor and adds some subtle details that the ship was missing here.

The golden plaque design was based upon the plaque of the HMS Surprise replica ship, using this as a template i changed some of the rear details to make it my own and had the two mermen in embrace to signify  the relevance to the ships name. Feel deep respect or admiration for.

I also worked on the interior space by breaking up the flat surfaces and tilling with supporting struts along the ceiling and along the rib cage sides of the ship. I've also added some hatches to the unplayable lower deck. This area would have been used for additional storage and possibly other areas the crew would have inhabited. For now i've blocked the rear area of the lower deck from the player to confine the playable area. This would have contained the ships galley and crew accommodation. I'm not sure if i want the top playable section to have the galley, as this would make more sense seeing as the dining room is here.

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